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Vortex Technology Improves Custody Transfer of Saturated Steam

Project Results:
Accurate measurement of steam use is important as each department`s goal was to minimize energy costs. This customer was using mechanical flowmeters that didn’t provide totalized steam flow on demand and required frequent maintenance. We replaced their old mechanical flowmeters with our Pro-V multivariable vortex flowmeters which reduced maintenance costs, delivered higher accuracy and reduced t...

Reducing Production and Operating Costs

Project Results:
The customer replaced their old mechanical meters with Pro-V™ M22 vortex flowmeters. The vortex flowmeter provided a cost-effective, reliable, low maintenance solution, with its rugged design. Utilizing no moving parts, no routine maintenance or cleaning is required. There are no blades that can get worn or bent. This saved the producer maintenance costs and reduced the time personnel had to be ...

Loop Power Mass Vortex Flowmeter Improves Performance for Steel Manufacturer

Project Results:
The steel manufacturer replaced their orifice plates and volumetric vortex flowmeters with the Pro-V™ M22 loop powered mass vortex flowmeter providing mass flow measurement over the existing two wires, saving them time, simplifying the systems complexity, and reducing installation cost. The steel manufacturer selected the Pro-V™ M22 because of its ability to provide significantly higher accura...

Vortex Flowmeter Technology Used for Accurate Energy Usage Billing

Project Results:
The Pro-V™ Model M22-Energy Meters multivariable flowmeters were the ideal solution because of their rugged design (no moving parts; virtually maintenance-free), high accuracy, and ability to perform real-time calculations of energy consumption for the facility. The flowmeter monitors one side of the process, either sent or return, and uses an input from a second separate temperature sensor on t...

Vortex Flowmeter Technology Improves Process Reliability at Electric Co-Generation Plant

Project Results:
The co-generation plant replaced their old averaging pitot tube flowmeters with Pro-V™ multivariable vortex flowmeters because they provide a wider turndown, which allowed them to accurately measure the low end of the steam flow rate range. Maintenance and installation costs were reduced by eliminating impulse lines and by the fact that the Pro-V™ multivariable vortex flowmeters offer integral...

Vortex Flowmeter Technology Used for Absorption Chiller Upgrade at Major Universities

Project Results:
The university replaced their turbine flowmeters with Pro-V™ Model 23-EM insertion vortex flowmeters. The main reason the University selected the Pro-V™ Model 23-EM was the flowmeters ability to calculate energy consumption in BTUs directly with its integrated temperature and pressure sensors. Installing the flowmeter through a single pipe penetration simplified the systems complexity and help...

Vortex Flowmeter Technology Optimizes Energy Management at Universities

Project Results:
When compared with a full bore flowmeter, insertion flowmeters provide significant cost savings in purchase price, installation cost (lower pressure drop) without compromising performance. The Pro-V™ Model 23-VTP can be installed quickly and easily, reducing installation costs, saving as much as 70% over a full bore flowmeter. In addition, the purchase price of a full bore flowmeter increases ex...