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Vortek Instruments is a reputable corporation that manufactures highly-specialized, qualitative flowmeters like Vortex Flow-Meters and Turbine Flow-Meters aimed at measuring, gas, liquids, and steam in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications for waste and regular water, petrochemical and chemical, power, pharmaceutical, gas and oil, food and beverage, and paper industries.

The ground-breaking products offered by Vortek Instruments continually raise the industry’s standards, and aim to meet the highest requirements in order to attain better performance and an increased level of flexibility and control.  The company is fully devoted to merging innovation, customer feedback, and avant-garde technology into the creation and development of its unique products. Vortek Instruments Corporation aims to establish long, trust-based, relationships with its customers and perfectly understand their needs.

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Vortek Instruments was established in 1995, and since then it has been fully dedicated to its customers, and has never failed to provide them with qualitative, superior products. Through the use of state of the art technology, it offers nothing but reliability, excellence, durability, precision, and fabulous product economics, irrespective of fluid type, pipe size, or flow rate.

As a matter of fact, the founder of  Vortek Instruments has more than 25 years of experience, and knowledge in flowmeter types and designs, and he currently serves the subcommittee for ASME MFC- 6M, (an enterprise in charge of the Measurement of Fluid Flow in Pipes Using Vortex Flow Meters). Similarly, all the production and design engineers from Vortek Instruments have per total over 100 years of experience in the industry of flow measurement. Due to its worldwide representation and extensive expertise in the field, Vortek offers excellent services and great support to make sure that you’re offered the best flowmeter for your application.

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Furthermore, all Vortek flowmeters are produced at the corporation’s headquarters in Longmont, Colorado, where a proficient team of engineers work hard to come up with flawless products. Likewise, there’s a helpful customer service team, which will be ready to answer your questions anytime, and offer you the support you need. Hence, if you have any uncertainties and you want clear answers, you shouldn’t wait any longer and contact the Vortek Instruments team.

All Vortek Instruments clients are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with the purchased products because all flowmeters are made in line with a highly-specialized production plan, and they also undergo countless functional tests, quality verifications, and calibrations before being offered to the customers. Plus, all products offered by Vortek Instrument comply with the highest USA quality standards, and they are completely focused on performance. The company also provides its clients with very attractive prices, appealing discounts, and convenient promotions. Plus, Vortek Instruments is also known for delivering the products incredibly fast, and for featuring flexible shipping terms.

To sum it all up, if you want to acquire a qualitative flowmeter for any purpose, then you must check out the products offered by Vortek Instruments, as you might find exactly what you need. Choose quality and make a sensible investment with a committed company because in the long run you’ll want to see excellent results.