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Flowmeter Applications & Industries Served


Measurement Applications
Boiler Feed Water Industrial Gases
Chilled Water Natural Gas
Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
Compressed Air Saturated Steam
Condensate Superheated Steam
Fully De-mineralized Water Steam
Heat Transfer Oil Water
Hot Water Cryogenic Liquids


Automotive Petrochemical
Chemical Pharmaceutical
Cement Power
Co-Generation Pulp & Paper
Energy Refining
Food and Beverage Semiconductor
Iron, Steel and Metal Water
Oil & Gas Cryogenic Liquids

Partial User List

VorTek Instruments Clients
Abbott Labs GE
Air Liquide General Motors
AOL/Time Warner Georgia Pacific
BF Goodrich Isuzu
BOC Gases Lockheed Martin
Bristol-Myers Michelin
Campbell`s Soup NRG Thermal
Canon Pfizer
Chevron Praxair
Detroit Edison Procter & Gamble
Duke Energy Rockefeller Center
DuPont Siemens
Florida Power & Light